5 Reasons Why I Hate PG John Cena

John Cena is one of the most iconic WWE superstar in the modern era. But still I and many other people hate him. Especially the PG version of John Cena. I have compiled five good reasons why I hate John Cena. Here are the reasons why.


Ever since John Cena became a baby face in 2005, he has been kissing up to the crowd every single day. But it became much worse in since the PG Era started in 2008. Whenever he came out in front of a crowd, he mentioned the name of the city and got a cheap pop. Then he went on how thankful he is toward the people, bla bla bla and so on. This is extremely boring and awkward to see.


In Ruthless Aggression Era, John Cena had the doctor of thuganomics gimmick. He was extremely over with the crowd. I also loved that gimmick because he owned every single opponents with his rap. The way he insulted opponents such as Booker T, Kurt Angle, Big Show was absolutely hilarious. 

But the PG Era completely ruined his character. It stripped him of all the edginess he had. Which meant no more rapping. He just became a normal dude who came out it in bright colorful t-shirt, kissed the crowd’s ass and wrestled below average matches. I tried to support him but couldn’t find any reason to do. He simply became a super hero for the children ONLY.


I remember that I completely stopped watching wrestling in 2008, because John fucking Cena always had to win. He had to win every god damn matches. Of course he was made a super hero for the children, so he had to win. He buried young fresh talents like Dolph Zigglar, Bray Wyatt, Miz, Cesaro etc. He also made other veterans such as Chris Jericho, Shawn Micheals, Kurt Angle look weak!

He buried the whole god damn Nexus for crying out loud! Nexus was absolutely hot in 2010 and Cena buried them all single handedly.


John Cena in Ruthless Agression Era was an absolute fire with mature jokes in his rap which had a lot of depth. But his scripted PG Era jokes are absolutely lame. It was specially meant for five year old children, most of his fans are children and women. 


John Cena has been a face since 2005, which is about 14 years! This is absolutely stupid, he had been a face for too long. His character became too stale, it is the same shit over and over again. People desperately wanted him to turn heel in 2012, he showed some signs of it. But no! It would hurt the feelings of the stupid children! WWE just used John Cena as a shortcut, he was basically their cash cow. They milked him as much as possible until he went to Holloywood! 


So what do you think? Are you a John Cena fan, or do you hate him like me. Let me know in the comments, also please share this blog on facebook if you enjoyed it!