Is AEW hiring too many former WWE wrestlers?

Is AEW hiring too many former WWE wrestlers?

It has been almost three years since AEW started. At the beginning most people thought many WWE mid card and underutilized wrestlers in WWE will jump to AEW. Some great underrated wrestlers such as Miro(Rusev), Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), FTR(Revival), Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) jumped to AEW and proved what they can do.

For around three years AEW had a good balance between AEW originals such as Darby, Hangman, MJF, Sammy Guevarra, Jungle Boy and the WWE wrestlers. But fast forward in 2021 things are changing way too fast. WWE released main event talents such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman. Talents such as Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan decided not to resign with WWE most probably they want to join AEW. The main reason rumored that why WWE is releasing so many talents is maybe they are preparing to sell the company.

But the main question is, is AEW hiring too many former WWE talents? In 2021 AEW signed Andrade, Malakai Black(Aleister Black), CM Punk. AEW is rumored to sign more talents such as Brayn Danielson, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and may be also Ric Flair. But it is a bit worrying that are these former WWE names might take away the spotlight from homegrown AEW talents such as Darby Allin, Hangman, Sammy Guevarra and MJF? AEW needs to be very careful in this situation.

Or is this an evil plan by Vince McMahon to make AEW go bankrupt by making AEW sign too many main event talents at once. But that is unlikely as AEW is backed by Tony Khan, whose father is a billionaire. Tony Khan’s father Shahid Khan is way richer than Vince McMahon.

As of now the only thing I can suggest is that AEW makes their second show Rampage a two hour show. They need to spread out AEW originals and former WWE guys in such a way to maintain balance. They need to make sure that AEW originals are getting as much or more time than the WWE guys.