Is AEW Slowly Turning into an Indy Outlaw Mud show

It has been over a year since AEW (All Elite Wrestling) started their journey last year Double or Nothing 2019. I watch every single AEW show. When AEW first began with the PG-14 rating I thought the product was going to edgier, gritty, hard-hitting, etc. But giving the wrestlers a 100% creative freedom without any sort of approval seems like a pretty bad idea.

Jim Cornette is honest about AEW

Jim Cornette is brutally honest, whether you like him or not, he does not care. He is right about many aspects of AEW. It seems like AEW is indeed slowly turning into an indy outlaw mud show. AEW is hiring hardcore (garbage wrestlers) such as Joey Jenella, Jimmy Havoc, Orange Cassidy. With the creative freedom given to the garbage wrestlers, they have some somewhat turned AEW into a play wrestling show. Let me go through the wrestlers one by one who is ruining AEW.

Marko Stunt

AEW should have never ever signed Marko Stunt to AEW. He looks like a 12 year old boy, no wrestler should sell his moves. Every time I see him in the ring I want him to be squashed like a bug instead of feeling sympathetic for him. AEW should open their eyes and fire him immediately.

Joey Jenella

Joey Jenella does not look like a wrestler. He has a bad physique and I am not such a fan of his wrestling skills. His promos are very clingy. Whenever I see him on tv it feels like AEW hired an average Joe to do play wrestling.

Orange Cassidy

I absolutely despise this man. He turned wrestling into a joke, a play. I hate him for the exact same reason I used to hate Santino Marella. His play kicks looks silly and he is making wrestlers such as PAC, Jericho look like a joke.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is a very popular wrestler. I was kind of into the Broken Matt Hardy thing. But him changing characters in the middle of the matches are annoying and look absolutely silly and fake. He is totally insulting the wrestling business.

AEW Tag Team Matches are horrible!

Even though AEW “claims” that they have the best tag team division in the world, I strongly disagree. Having many tag teams does not mean you have the best tag team division. The wrestlers hardly follow the tag rules and do whatever play wrestling they want to do.

Final Words

I strongly want AEW to succeed. Even though with all their issues and problems, AEW is an easier product to watch or consume. I watch AEW Dynamite every Wednesday, I have bought all their PPVs, I will continue to do so as long I have the ability.