How many viewers will AEW gain after NXT moves to Tuesday

How many viewers will AEW gain after NXT moves to Tuesday

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NXT is set to move to Tuesday nights starting from 13th April 2021, but how this will benefit AEW Dynamite? Some people are saying that there will be no effect on the viewership of AEW Dynamite, which is a bunch of BS. From the recent history when NXT moved to Tuesday in the past for two shows, AEW easily did 900K to 1M+ viewers. The shows weren’t too great but they still did high numbers.

Right after NXT moves to Tuesday nights AEW will do 900k-1M+ viewers, the 18-49 demo might remain the same as NXT hardly did good in the demo. The 50+ viewership might improve a bit. On the other hand, NXT viewership and demo will improve on Tuesday nights without any competition from AEW, also Impact is moving to Thursday too. It will be very good for AEW, not only will their viewership will increase but they will also grow as more viewers will be tuned into their storylines. After AEW starts touring and having shows in bigger arenas and more crowd, the viewership will increase even more. The rise in viewership will encourage TNT to sign another multi-year extension with AEW, this will encourage bigger stars from WWE to jump ships to AEW.

This won’t help NXT that much, their main purpose of moving NXT to the USA network was to compete with AEW and take away their viewers. But Triple H and his playhouse black and gold brand failed in their mission. Now they will only be just a developmental brand on Tuesday nights with Vince McMahon’s hand all over the product. Very soon they might even decide to move NXT to Peacock to increase subscribers. Before moving to the USA network NXT was WWE’s hottest brand, everyone was talking about it. After around 2 years of getting their ass kicked consistently by AEW, they are now called a “Developmental Brand”, “C Show”, “Wrestling School” by their own fans.

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