AEW Wrestling Style Looks Fake & Choreographed

AEW which is supposed to be the next big thing after WWE is doing quite well. Selling out the first show “Double or Nothing” within 4 minutes, selling out “All OUT” within 15 minutes. Also selling out their first few weekly shows in TNT. But after having a close look at their shows, I have found some major flaws, which is making their wrestling style look fake. Not only that, it is also exposing the wrestling business to some extent.

So, in this blog I am going to discuss a few moments during their matches which clearly shows their fake wrestling style.

Most Matches are Spot Fest

Most of the matches in AEW are simply spot fests, suicide dives, jumping here there, flipping around when it is not necessary. Especially the matches between Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers. The opponent stands and waits for the suicide dive, if you need to give a hard kick to the head, then you don’t need to make a flip before doing that! It is heavily choreographed, as if they are dancing with each other. Even JR also got a bit annoyed with it and mentioned that why aren’t any of the wrestlers going for the pin.

Selling an invisible fireball

This spot made me absolutely outrageous , the Lucha Brothers sold an invisible fire ball from the Young Bucks. At first I didn’t get what happened, but when I realized, I was extremely annoyed. JR was also quite surprised with this.

Wrestlers with FAKE Gimmicks

Backed up by a billionaire Shad Khan/Tony Khan, the bucks, Cody and Omega are completely wasting their money by hiring wrestlers with stupid and fake gimmicks such as Micheal Nakazawa, Orange Cassidy, Glacier, the dude with no legs in the battle Royal and so on. 

Botch fest of Japanese Women

The Japanese girls are giving their all in AEW but they are full of botches. They are not accurate, misses the kick then tries to kick in the same spot again. 


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