AEW, WWE and NJPW working together (Dream Scenario)

AEW, WWE, and NJPW working together (Dream Scenario)

Imagine Jon moxley coming out at wrestlemania with his badass entrance music. Not as the goofy Dean Ambrose but as the king of violence Jon moxley. Then having a hardcore match with Kevin Owens. 

Imagine Cesaro and Scorpio Sky bringing the House down with an epic technical match in a packed arena at AEW Revolution. 

Imagine the Bullet Club consisting of Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson, Luke gallows, Finn balor, AJ styles and the rest of the NJPW Bullet Club members from NJ PW invading RAW. Then they beat the crap out of Retribution. 

Imagine Seth Rollins on AEW Dynamite cutting an epic unscripted promo then next week on RAW Kenny Omega attacks Seth rollins. Which then leads to a match at Wrestlemania.

We all like to imagine our favourite superheroes coming together to beat evil. In the Justice League our favourite superheroes came together, in Marvel Avengers our favorite superheroes came together to fight the big evil. In a similar way the wrestling promotions can work together to bring back the lapsed wrestling fans. Increasing the overall wrestling viewers to more than 10 million. To make sure that wrestling as a whole becomes a mainstream thing once again.

The owner of AEW Tony Khan is a true wrestling fan. He is trying very hard to give what the fans dream about, which is all the wrestling promotions working together. Wrestlers appearing on different shows. Making each show of the week must watch. He succeeded quite a bit now AEW  is working with NWA,  Impact wrestling, AAA. 

And also the biggest of all till now, NJPW  Kenta showed up on AEW Dynamite to attack Jon moxley. Now this opens The forbidden door. NJPW wrestlers can now appear on AEW shows. Also AEW stars can also show up on NJPW shows. 

The only one left is WWE. The biggest wrestling promotion in the world. There is a very low chance that WWE would want to work with other wrestling promotions. As long as Vince McMahon is in power he won’t let that happen. Triple H is another thing, he already said a few weeks ago that WWE is open for business. Kenny Omega also showed interest in working with WWE. 

If all the wrestling promotions agree to work together then it might help to grow the wrestling audience. As we all know the total wrestling audience is decreasing with each year. People are slowly losing their interest in wrestling. It is not so much fun as it used to be during the attitude era. But if all the wrestling promotions agree to work together it might create uncertain scenarios which might attract a lot of new audience.