Becky Lynch is Nothing Like Stone Cold Steve Austin

Becky Lynch is so called the most popular female wrestler in WWE. She was in the main event for wrestlemania. Some of her crazy fanboys are comparing her to the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. I think that people are losing their minds. The name of Becky Lynch shouldn’t even be in a single sentence with the name of Stone Cold. The Rattle snake is the the best Wrestler and the biggest icon, not in only in the history of WWE, but in wrestling in general.

In this blog, I am going to share with you some valid points which will show that why she is not even close to being compared to Stone Cold. Keep on reading and find out.

Stone Cold is a MAN, but Becky is not!

It doesn’t matter what kind of feminist you are and what level of women empowerment you root for. Most people do not take women’s sport seriously. Same is for wrestling. It does not matter how big a female wrestler is, only a few nerds, lovers and dumb fanboys will cheer for those matches. Becky calls herself “THE MAN”, but she cannot compete with any man, she isn’t even a strong woman. Nia Jax is strong, Chyna was strong who had the strength to go head to head with any man. 

Difference in Finishing moves

The finishing move of Stone Cold Steve Austin is the stunner. It looks awesome as if it just killed the opponent or simply destroyed his neck and lower back. Austin didn’t care about anyone, he could stun his boss Vince McMahon, a woman, a grandpa, he could stun anyone. There is always a level of uncertainty about Stone Cold.

On the other hand Becky Lynch’s finishing submission move looks absolutely fake. As Rhonda Rousey mentioned on twitter, it looks like as if she is holding her dick in her hands.

Quality Opponets

This is not Becky’s fault, but there are a very few quality opponents for Becky. Stone Cold had the Rock, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho. It was like as if he was always swimming with the sharks and beating the shit out of them. It was hard to tell who would come up on top. That is one of the thing which makes stone cold so iconic. 

Scripted Promos

The promos alone from Austin is fire! He says what he wants does what he wants. Becky Lynch is shackled by the system of PG Era scripted promos. She sometimes kisses up to the crowd, praises them, thanks them, which is very cringy to watch. I usually mute my tv at that time.


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