Is CM Punk and Bryan Danielson gonna take away spotlight of AEW originals?

Is CM Punk and Bryan Danielson gonna take away spotlight of AEW originals?

CM Punk made his huge debut in AEW on the 20th August 2021 episode of Rampage. Similarly Bryan Danielson (fka Daniel Bryan) also made his debut on 5th September 2021 at All Out. Both of them were legit main event players in WWE. Brayn took part in two Wrestlemania main events, won one of them. People have been chanting CM Punk’s name for 7 years, begging him to come back. This is not only awesome for AEW but also for wrestling fans all over the world.

But the main question or worry for some AEW fans is that, are they going to take away the spotlight from the AEW originals? I am talking about the key AEW wrestlers who have been with AEW since day one, who didn’t work for WWE before. AEW originals such as Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Hangman, MJF, Scorpio Sky, Powerhouse Hobbs etc.

With the debut of CM Punk and Danielson, most of the attention are toward them. But AEW have also got tons of new viewers, people who stopped watching WWE right after Punk left. Bryan Danielson also have his cult following, the “YES” movement. AEW ratings are going to be much higher, more eyes are going to be on AEW. What AEW now needs to do is capitalize on this. Instead of just making it all about Punk and Danielson, they should showcase their young talents. Mixing them up with Punk and Bryan. MJF vs Punk promos will be fire. Danielson vs Hangman will be hard hitting.

If they book it like WWE (example Brock vs Goldberg), it is not going to help.

So CM Punk and Bryan Danielson coming to in AEW is a good think, but they need to make sure they put their young talents over in the process.