Is Cody Burying AEW or Indy Talents with TNT Open Challenge

Is Cody Burying AEW or Indy Talents with TNT Open Challenge

Cody is one of the most talked-about wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling. His fans are divided, some people support Cody and some people blame Cody for burying young and upcoming talents. Well, this is quite difficult to say, he won two times against the hot and upcoming Darby Allin. He won against Lance Archer to win the TNT championship. Won against Shawn Spears, after that loss Shawn Spears has been more or less like a jobber ever since. But on the other side, he also had good matches against young talents, plus he put over one of the hottest AEW star MJF.

The debate with Cody never ends. Some people will support him in his highs and lows, and some of his haters call him “Triple H of AEW” or “Jeff Jarret”.

The TNT Open Challenge Situation

Cody is defending his AEW almost every single week on TNT. He is facing wrestlers from both AEW and also the indies. But the main question here is that, is he burying the talents he is facing?

The answer is, NO!!! He is not burying the talents, but in fact it is the opposite, he is burying himself while trying to get them over.

Cody had long good matches with Jungle Boy, Sonny Kiss, Ricky Starks and the match against the indy wrestler Eddie King was absolutely superb. Cody sacrificed his body and took a painful bump into the thumbtacks. The match with Eddie was so good that it created a good momentum for the show, AEW ended up having an excellent rating of 845,000 average overnight viewers. He is going to face another indy wrestler called “Warhorse” this week for his TNT open challenge, I am very excited and eager to see that. This TNT open challenge is helping new talented wrestlers to get new contracts with AEW.

The bad side of TNT open challenge

The bad side of TNT open challenge is that Cody is kind of burying himself. Even though he is winning the matches at the end, but he having long matches with unknown or underneath guys. He should also do some squash matches to show his dominance.

Should TNT open challenge continue?

Yes, it should continue till Cody drops the belt to a heel like MJF or PAC, who will refuse to defend the TNT championship every week. Other than that the TNT open challenge is nothing but a blessing for All Elite Wrestling. I cannot wait to see when the belt if completely finished on 12th August 2020.