Why Edge winning the 2021 Royal Rumble a HUGE mistake by WWE

Why Edge winning the 2021 Royal Rumble a HUGE mistake by WWE

The Rated R Superstar Edge just won the 2021 Royal Rumble. Most people are happy about it but some people including myself are not. He is just another guy from the past coming in and taking away the glory from the young guys. He is another attitude era guy taking away the spotlight from the modern day wrestlers. 

They also had to bring back his best buddy Christian who was just a mid carder for life. His world title reigns were short and awful. Thanks to Randy Orton.

Previously everyone used to be excited about the Royal Rumble because it was used to create new stars. The 2004 Royal Rumble pushed Chris Beniot to the next level, and the 2005 Royal Rumble turned Batista into a mega star. But nowadays Royal Rumble is just used to simply recycle old stars. There are several guys who could have won the Royal Rumble which includes Cesaro, Big E, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins etc. 

Edge suffered a very serious neck injury about 10 years ago, he had to give up his World Heavyweight Championship after Wrestlemania.  He was never supposed to wrestle again. At this age he is very injury prone. He already got injured wrestling Randy Orton a few months ago. Him winning the Royal Rumble is very risky, he might get injured again and WWE might need to find a new competitor for the championship. 

If you look closely, Edge is kind of overrated. If you exclude his other championship runs, such as the tag team championship, the US championship of the intercontinental championship. His world title runs were not strong at all. He never had a strong baby face run as a champion. In most cases he defended the world title with the help of Vickie Guerrero or Lita. He won most of his world titles with the help of money in the bank.  Also during his world title runs he was mostly out of shape, he was very skinny and hardly had any muscles. That was because he just got off the steroids in around 2006.

Hopefully, age will challenge Drew Mcintyre for the WWE championship. He can also challenge Roman reigns so it will be a spear vs spear match.