Is Cody Rhodes entitled? Should he ever be the AEW World Champion?

Is Cody Rhodes entitled? Should he ever be the AEW World Champion?

Cody Rhodes is one of the founding members of All Elite wrestling but most people think that he is entitled and puts himself in the spotlight too much. In the 2019 Full Gear Pay Per view after losing to Chris Jericho for the AEW championship match, as promised Cody cannot challenge for the AEW championship any longer.

In my opinion it is Cody’s own fault that people think that is entitled and puts himself in the spotlight. He put himself in the title picture right away after AEW Dynamite started airing on TNT on 2nd October 2019. As he could not challenge for the AEW world title any longer he shortly created a new championship for himself, the TNT championship. For several months he acted like this championship was specifically made for him. He faced any opponent he wanted to, the TNT open challenge allowed independent wrestlers to challenge Cody for the TNT championship. Most of the indy wrestlers are not ready to be on national television, some of them even haven’t been to wrestling school, they are sloppy and could injure someone seriously.

In the TNT open challenge, he allowed underneath guys like Joey Janela, Sunny Kiss to face him for the TNT title. His having unnecessary long sloppy matches with underneath talents was very bad for television. The matches were very difficult to watch. He unnecessarily had long competitive matches with Indy wrestlers like Warhorse and jobbers like Peter Avalon. Then after having competitive matches with the job guys he went on to beat top guys like Lance Archer and Brodie Lee, which diminished their value.

TNT championship is a secondary championship that people mainly wanted for young talented guys like PAC, Darby, Ricky Starks, Sammy Guevara, Rey Fenix not for Cody and nondeserving jobbers. 

Brodie Lee held the TNT championship only for a month only because Cody had to take some time off to do the GoBig Show on TBS along with Snoop Dog and other celebrities. He took back the title right away after he returned. Brodie Lee should have had a longer run with the TNT title. RIP Brodie Lee.

Not many people blame the other EVPs Young Bucks Kenny Omega of being entitled, most people only blame Cody Rhodes. Because he books himself like a king.

Getting his family involved in storylines

He constantly gets his friends and family involved in storylines, especially his wife Brandi Rhodes who is extremely annoying. He also gets his brother Dustin involved in storylines, even his dog. He has a whole group called “Nightmare Family”, they all act like kissing his ass. Matt Cardona (AKA Zack Ryder) who was in AEW for only five appearances was also presented like a Cody ass kisser. It’s always like the whole AEW revolves around him and his friends and family instead of the AEW champion.

Cody’s over the top entrance

His entrance is also way over the top. Firstly the lights go out, a weird girl singing for around 20 seconds, then his real music hits. This entrance is okay only for pay per views, but now it has become extremely annoying. He comes out of a “special” gate which only he uses, then they blow all the pyros they have, not even the AEW Dynamite intro gets so much pyro. Even in the AEW Dynamite show intro video they show Cody several times, it should be the champion who should be in the spotlight, not him.

Cody compared to Jeff Jarrett

Many people including myself compare Cody Rhodes to former TNA/Impact wrestling ownerJefff Jarrett. It is kind of true, both are blonde, book themselves to look like a star. Cody acts like he owns AEW but it is Tony Khan who owns AEW, not Cody.

Should Cody be ever AEW Champion in the future?

Unfortunately yes, because he is one of the top guys in AEW. But he needs to stop constantly putting himself, his friends, and family in the spotlight. If he does not stop doing that, then the crowd might start booing him when they start coming back to the show. Surely AEW does not need another annoying over pushed baby face like John Cena or Roman Reigns.