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How Much Violence Should AEW or WWE have

Wrestling in both WWE and AEW are scripted or staged. The fights are stimulated to look like a real fight. But whenever there is a fight, some level of violence is needed to make it look real and legit. Brock Lesnar brutally beating up Triple H, John Cean, Seth Rollins and many others are the most watched wrestling videos on YouTube.

Most people are turning away from WWE because it is a PG show and have way too much restrictions to be fun and doesn’t have the level of violence to make the show look and feel raw and real. Recently WWE’s new competition AEW is trying to give the amount of violence which WWE is unable to give, Cody vs Dustion Rhodes blood bath, brutal match between Jon Moxley and Joey Jenella etc.

Below I am going to mention a few factors of violence and how much of each should there be.


Since 2008, WWE completely banned blading. If there is any accidental bleeding, the referee instantly stops the match and calls in the medical staffs to stop the bleeding. But most of the audience doesn’t like it. The AEW match between Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes shows how important it is. Blood brings in a variety of emotions, fear, anxiety, anger, this makes the viewer to invest into the match. It looks like the wrestlers are going into war with each other, the one who bleeds looks like a worrier! But the blood should only be saved for PPV matches.


WWE completely banned chair shots to the head for a long time. That is good, because it avoid the damage to the brain. But also no chair shots to the head means, only chair shots to the back. That looks absolutely fake, firstly one wrestler kicks on the abdominal region of the other wrestler. And then when the wrestler crouches, the other one hits the back with the chair. It is possible to have a safe chair shot to the head, if the seat moves back a little, the wrestler puts his or her hand up etc. Some chair shots to the head is necessary for improved drama.


Sometimes it looks cool when a wrestler lands on a bed of barbwire, takes the bump on his back and sells it like hell. Just like Jon Moxley did when he faced Joey Jenella in Fyter Fest. But it is something which should be used on special PPV matches, should be rare.


This one makes me kind of uncomfortable, I feel only wrestlers who are able to take this amount of pain should do this. There is no way that landing on a bed of thumbtacks won’t hurt. The agony of Joey Jenella’s face in Fyter Fest was real!


I think these stuffs are absolutely shit. This makes me uncomfortable, I will change the channel immediately if I see a wrestler using a fork as a weapon. It is just too much for a casual viewer to handle. Same goes for the tube light spots


So what do you think how much violence should AEW or WWE should have? Please let me know in the comments. Also you liked this blog, then please share it on Facebook!