How WWE Will Eventually End

How wwe will eventually end

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Since the demise of WCW, WWE has been the only major wrestling company for the last 18 years, until the emergence of AEW. WWE has been doing wrestling shows and events for decades. Their main slogan is “Then, Now and Forever”, which suggests that they will be here for eternity. Most people argue that WWE will never go out of business, WWE will never end. But the fact is, everything has to come to an end. I this blog I am going to discuss how WWE might actually end.

Vince McMahon, like him or hate him, he the glue who have been holding the WWE together for decades. He will do every single thing possible to make sure WWE is breathing and continuously running. Some things he does are right and some things he does are awful, but he makes sure the shows are going on. Even if it means making the wrestlers work in the COVID 19 pandemic.

WWE might very well end when Vince McMahon is gone. Who is take over? Who will run the company? Is it decided? Most people are speculating that Triple H will take over, but what about Shane McMahon? If Vince McMahon is gone without deciding this, then there will be a big dispute between Shane McMahon and Triple H, Stephanie McMahon. In the end, they might end up selling the whole company to Disney and diving the share and live their lives happily ever after.

After Disney takes over the company, it will somehow run it for 2-3 years. The executives who don’t have any wrestling knowledge will be confused about how to run it, how to book matches etc. It will turn into a big flop. In the end, Disney will decide to shut down WWE for good to avoid any losses.

So this is one of the possible ways WWE might totally end and go away from our TV forever.

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