Is pro wrestling really fake? Why wrestlers hate the word fake

Is pro wrestling really fake? Why wrestlers hate the word fake

When I was in my sixth grade I used to always argue with my friends whether wrestling is fake or real. At one time we got convinced it is totally fake. Another time we thought its real. “Jeff Hardy jumped off a 10 feet tall steel cage, it can’t be fake!”. Or like “Triple H hit Randy Orton very hard with a steel chair, he started bleeding, it can’t be fake!”.

At that time YouTube wasn’t a thing, we were truly confused. Nowadays thanks to social media we know everything about wrestling. Both of what is happening in the ring and also behind the scenes. Wrestlers now refer to us as smarks (smart marks). Now we know wrestling is totally scripted, all the results are predetermined. In the number one wrestling organization WWE even the promos are scripted line by line. AEW gives wrestlers a bit more flexibility with the promos.

Is pro wrestling fake?

You can answer this question in both ways, yes and no. Pro wrestling is very similar to p*rn. The participants in p*rn perform the actions as scripted. They feel everything, sometimes they enjoy it, sometimes they don’t. But everything is scripted and all actions are predetermined. Wrestling is fake sports, they pretend that they are competing with each other, but in reality everything is predetermined. It is not a real fight. When wrestlers hurt each other for real its called a shoot fight. When wrestlers hit each other by mistake its called a “potato”. They are performers not wrestlers. I learned these terms by reading Bret Hart’s best selling book “Hitman” available on Amazon. The bumps that wrestlers take like a body slam, chops etc. are real, they get hurt for real. But they are able to recover from a wrestling bump. Sometimes they take pain killers.

Why wrestlers hate the word fake?

Wrestlers absolutely hate it when someone says wrestling is fake. Whether it is a celebrity or a fan. They are very sensitive to this work. Even though they might not like it, but it is indeed fake sports. They do not like hearing it because they feel the pain while wrestling. They also do not like to hear that they do “fake stuffs” to earn a living, that they are not real athletes.

There have been many instances where wrestlers became very aggressive when asked directly whether wrestling is fake or not. Here is video down below of a wrestler slapping an interviewer for saying “wrestling is fake”.

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