Why Jon Moxley is NOT a Stone Cold cosplay

Why AEW Jon Moxley is NOT a Stone Cold cosplay

Jim Cornette and his cult of cornette (aka his sheeps) refer to Jon moxley as Stone Cold cosplay. He and his followers are absolutely wrong in 2021.

At first when AEW dynamite started in 2nd October 2019 Jon moxley was kind of similar to Stone Cold, there are some things he did which made it look that he was copying Stone Cold Steve Austin. Example flipping people off, wearing simple black shorts like Stone Cold. 

But as time went on Jon moxley evolved and built his own character. Now after 2 years in 2021 he is completely unique. His wrestling gear and the way he cuts off promo is absolutely different from that of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now he wears a kind of army camouflage pants as his wrestling gear. His promos are way different. Plus does come out drinking beer like Stone Cold.  But Jim cornette and his dumb followers still clinging to the Jon moxley in 2019 and keep calling him Stone Cold Jon moxley. 

Do you want to know who is a stone cold cosplay? Becky Lynch is Stone Cold cosplay. She pretends to be a tough person, but in reality a regular man could beat her up. She calls herself the man, pretends to be tough like Stone Cold, but she is nothing like Stone Cold. Her promos are cringy, matches are not so good. In my opinion Charlotte flair is a much better athlete then quickly.