Kevin Owens Stunner Looks Sloppy and Fake


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Kevin Owens have been a fan favorite for a long time, whether he is a heel or a face, he always got more cheers than boos. Recently he is using the Stone Cold stunner as his new finishing move, instead of the popup power bomb.

But have you carefully noticed the quality of the stunners he is dishing out to Shane McMahon, Elias and others? They look pretty sloppy to me. In one  case he creeped up behind Shane McMahon to surprised him with a stunner but he absolutely botched it. He missed to grab Shane’s head, then he tried it again , grabbed his head and gave the stunner. Overall the stunner looked so fake that WWE edited the botch part out in their YouTube video. A stunner should be like a bullet coming out of a gun, if you missed it, then it looks awful. There was no shortage of selling from Shane’s side, he sold the stunners like a champ like he sold the Stone Cold stunners.

Same thing happened again with Elias on SmackDown. Kevin failed to grab Elias’s head, gave it a second attempt and then succeeded. Overall I feel that Kevin Owens should practice the stunner more. Also I think that his booking should improve. WWE should make him look like a mean SOB.

So what do you think about Kevin Ownen’s stunner? Please let me know in the comments! If you liked this blog, then please share it on Facebook/Twitter or other places you can.

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