MJF or The Miz who is the better heel in pro wrestling

MJF or The Miz who is the better heel in pro wrestling

MJF and Miz are both very similar. They both look similar, they both are heels. But if you follow wrestling regularly you will realize that they are not the same person. MJF is only 25 years old, haven’t won any title in AEW. While Miz won the WWE title couple of times. He has also been US, Intercontinental and tag team champion in the past.

About the Miz

Miz is quite talented. He can be quite good at promos. He was awesome when he was unleashed against Daniel Brayn (AKA Brayn Danielson) in the Talking Smack show. It was when we had a glimpse of the true Miz. But it does not matter how talented he might be, he is always under the leash of scripted promos in WWE. At this point Miz got a reality show and is content to play whatever role he is given in WWE. He doesn’t mind doing the scripted promos and staying as a good employee in WWE.

About MJF

On the other hand MJF got complete freedom on the mic in AEW. He is pretty damn good on the microphone. He can go toe to toe with any top star on the mic. Recently he went toe to toe with the great CM Punk on the mic. It was one of the best promo battle I saw in recent memory. The video got over 3 million views on Youtube.

With the amazing mic skills MJF got, plus the freedom he got in AEW, Miz cannot touch MJF!

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