Is AEW doing a HUGE Mistake by Pushing Orange Cassidy

Is AEW doing a HUGE Mistake by Pushing Orange Cassidy

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The first time I saw Orange Cassidy was in Double or Nothing 2019. Honestly, I thought he was nothing but a joke. I was also very annoyed when AEW signed him. I am very annoyed by his play kicks, hands in the pocket, and other kinds of stupidity. I saw that he does have a good following, kids in the front row dressed up as Orange Cassidy. I thought that he is a good mascot, but didn’t think he can wrestle.

When Orange Cassidy vs PAC was announced for Revolution 2020, I was extremely pissed off. PAC is one of my favorite AEW wrestlers, he is serious, ripped, him being put in a match with a joke Cassidy was unacceptable to me. When the match took place I was quite surprised by Cassidy’s in-ring skills, his match was very entertaining. Even though guys like Jim Cornette didn’t like the match, but I thought it was one of the best matches in Revolution.

But still, I thought Orange Cassidy is suitable for the mid-card position for a few comedy stuff in the middle of the show. But I became really worried as now he is being featured in the main event in a feud with a megastar like Chris Jericho. Some things and gimmicks work for the small indy crowd but not the mainstream audience. The Orange Cassidy and Jericho Segment got very low ratings a few weeks ago. But still, Tony Khan decided to push Orange Cassidy, why? Because Tony Khan is a big mark himself? He does not have enough experience and does not know when to give people what they want and when not to.

I hope AEW comes to their senses and stop pushing a comedy character like Orange Cassidy. He shouldn’t even get any sniff at any championship in AEW. Otherwise AEW will start regularly loosing against NXT in the ratings war.

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