Positives and Negatives of AEW(All Elite Wrestling)

All Elite Wrestling, also known as AEW is the new rival for WWE. Long after the death of WCW, after about 20 long years, there is now a potential true competition and threat for WWE. I have been religiously buying their PPVs and following their product closely. I was really scared before their first show Double or Nothing. I thought they would not be able to meet up to the expectations or the hype they created. But oh boy, they really over exceeded my expectation!

But I won’t say that their product is 100% good or excellent. There are some parts which I love about AEW, and some parts which I absolutely hate. So here are some positives and some negatives from my point of view about AEW.


Much Better Matches

AEW matches are more fast paced, no bullshit! Less drama and more action. There are lots of amazing spots of suicide dives, high flying etc. It has much less drama than WWE. Wrestlers have more freedom to express their art. There is also a time limit so wrestlers would know when to finish the matches.

More Edgier

AEW is definitely more edgier and more hardcore than WWE. It is not a PG product, there is always an expectation that anything might happen at any time. Wrestlers can say anything they want to and do any moves without getting it approved. Wrestlers can bleed, land on thumb tacks, get hit by a chair on the head and so on. Jon Moxley a.k.a Dean Abrose hitting someone with a chair wrapped with barbwire, MJF cutting a sick promo and so on.

Non- Scripted

Wrestlers truly have the creative freedom. They do not have a script handed to them. All their promos are directly from their heart. It sounds and looks real and legit. Anyone can get invested in it.


Too Many Fake Moments/Spots

Even though wrestling is scripted, but they try to make it look as real as possible to make it look like a real sports or competition. The more real it looks, the more people will be invested in the matches.

But in AEW matches, I have seen lots of fake spots within the matches which annoyed me a lot. Like Lucha Brothers selling the invisible fireball in Fyter Fest, Shawn Spears being eliminated by a wrestler with no legs. Wrestlers waiting a long time for their opponents to jump on them from the ropes etc.

Bad Production Issues

AEW production is just awful. They couldn’t even get a clear shot of the AEW Championship when Bret Hart presented it. Their camera shots are a nightmare, they once clear shot when the wrestlers were talking with each other in a match. The theme music are hard to hear. The pyro absolutely sucks, looks like it is on a tight budget, even though a billionaire is backing up the organization.

Awful Commentary

The commentary team of AEW is just awful. JR is a legend, but he is not able to get into a clear rhythm. Exculibar is really good, I have no problem with his mask, I love it. But Alex Marvez is awful, he is a good presenter but an awful commentator. He pulls down the other two commentators and make them look bad.


So these were my positive and negatives about AEW. What do you think? Share this blog if you loved it!