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Faces and heels are an important part of pro wrestling. As wrestling in WWE is totally scripted there needs to be a bunch good guys and there needs to be a bunch of bad guys. At the end of the day you would want the faces to win. Faces usually kiss-up to the crowd to make them cheer for them. On the other hand heels does the opposite to get hatred or “heat” as known in wrestling. 

Fans want to hate the heels, want them to get beaten up by the faces. Even though we usually want to hate the heels, but we also want them to be cool, dangerous, unpredictable and create  fear within us of what they are going to say or do next. 

WWE have made some amazing heels over the years, like Triple H, Edge, Randy Orton, Shaemus, Mark Henry and so on. But WWE also made some god awful heels! The kind of heels are absolutely annoying, and you would want to change your channel immediately when they appear on your TV. I used to change the channel when they used to appear in my screen, and felt sorry for the people who were a part of the live crowd. 

In this blog I am going list down 5 of these heels, the ones who have “go away heat”. The ones who have change the channel heat!


I absolutely hated Vickie Guerrero. Whenever she came on TV, she said “Excuse Me” as loudly as possible. Her heel run started from around 2007 and lasted to around 2016. I just had to change the channel whenever she was on. Her heel character was so awful that I used to wonder that what the hell happened to WWE? She is old enough to be a 20 year old’s mother, the way she made out with Edge/Dolph Zigglar made me wanna puke. How the f**k was that even PG!! Nobody was more happier than me when she retired from WWE!

vickie gurrero


JBL is not only an asshole in scripted wrestling but in real life too. He bullied young guys in the locker room. But his JBL heel character was hard to tolerate. This was a wrestling show, and he came in wearing a suit! Like he is coming into an office. His entrance music was awful, the way he talked with his southern accent was awful. When he did commentary that was awful too! The fact that he remained WWE champion for almost an year was hard to swallow!



Micheal Cole has been the lead WWE commentator for a long, long time. But he is so lame, the way he presents each of the match is lame. People do not like him. So when he turned heel in 2011, paired up with the Miz and Jack Swagger was unbearable. People had to listen to his annoying commentary for the entire 2 hours, also he did some other annoying stuffs in between. It was one of the worst times in WWE. It was like as if WWE was intentionally trying to drive away their views away from them.

micheal cole


One of the major issues with WWE is they present their international superstars as poorly as possible. Doesn’t matter whether they are from Russia, Japan or even India. Jindar in 2016 had a great body and look. But the awful way WWE presented him was hard to watch. His entrance music wasn’t that bad. But when he came to the ring with a bunch of traditional Indian dancers, music etc. was hard to watch. I do love Indian music and dances, but some things do not fit everywhere. A belay dancer won’t fit in a rock concert right? So whenever Jinder did his stuff, I changed the channel.

Jinder Mahal

5) THE MIZ (2006-2011)

I am not talking about the modern Hollywood star The Miz. I am talking about the rookie Miz in 2006. He used to be one of the most annoying heel at that time. The way he used to speak was hard to bear, his ring attire used to look like an MTV host. I badly wanted someone just to kill him.  Also in 2011 he was annoying as hell. He copied the Rock when he used to hold the mic and say ” I am the miz, and I am…..AWESOME”. He was in the main event of Wrestlemania 27 against John Cena. It was one of the worst Wrestle mania of all time! No wonder why!

The Miz

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