Why the Undertaker saying today's wrestlers are "soft" is WRONG!

Why the Undertaker saying today’s wrestlers are “soft” is WRONG!

In a recent podcast the Undertaker said that today’s wrestlers are soft. Goldberg also chimed in and said that nowadays modern wrestlers have a thin skin, which is kind of ironic because he took an offence when Matt Riddle criticized his in ring work. Devon Dudley recently said that today’s wrestlers are rude. 

Also a few weeks ago on RAW legends night Hulk Hogan said that the locker room is giving him cold shoulders. They did not pay him enough respect which he felt he deserved.

But in my opinion it is absolutely wrong for the Undertaker to say that modern blisters are soft. He said that wrestlers in the past were real men who carried guns and knives, but nowadays wrestlers play video games. They are not man enough, they are not tough. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin also said that same thing to Dean Ambrose about 4 years ago on his podcast. He said to Ambrose that nowadays wrestlers cannot do good promos. But older guys like the Undertaker and Stone Cold do not understand that modern day wrestlers have a lot of PG restrictions. They just cannot go ahead and do whatever they want. All of their promos written by young graduate writers. They have to memorize the exact thing written by the writers and repeat the same thing on TV. 

They cannot say certain words on TV. Skinny wrestlers cannot just go ahead and take steroids like older attitude Era guys. Almost all the big attitude era wrestlers admitted to taking steroids, even the Undertaker said that he took steroids. Top guys like Chris Benoit, Triple H, Kurt Angle took steroids. Modern day wrestlers cannot do that. They have to go through the wellness policy. 

Also there is nothing wrong with playing video games. It is a very healthy habit to spend time in the locker room. They are not hurting anyone. They are not bullying other wrestlers as a hobby like guys like Bradshaw(JBL) or Hardcore Holly did.

Older attitude Era guys should think a thousand times before saying anything wrong about the modern day wrestlers. Because in the early days they did not have to face the same restrictions and difficulties the modern wrestlers face today. 

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose proved that without restriction modern day wrestlers can be successful. Jon Moxley was the top ranked wrestler in 2020 in all of pro wrestling. This shows that modern WWE wrestlers can also be successful if they are given creative freedom.