What kind of role should Sting have in AEW

What kind of role should Sting have in AEW

Sting was a HUGE name in WCW. When you hear the name WCW, Sting is one of the first faces which may come to your mind. Some say that he was the face of WCW. He did not go to WWE for a long time fearing that WWE will eventually ruin his image.

But he did go to WWE in the latter part of his career and faced Triple H. Sadly he was injured severely by Seth Rollins in a match a few years ago. He cannot wrestle anymore, also the dream match between him and Undertaker did not happen.

Recently WWE removed all the Sting merchandise from their shop. Most of the fans have been speculating since Double or Nothing 2020 that Sting will debut in AEW at any time. But 2020 is almost ending and we are still waiting.

Some people do not like the idea of Sting coming to AEW, they think he is too old, also he cannot wrestle due to his injuries. But Sting appearing on AEW will definitely make some noise and boost their ratings. The main goal of AEW was to bring back the lapsed fans who quit watching wrestling altogether due to the awful WWE product. Many WCW fans quit watching wrestling altogether when WCW went out of business.

Sting will definitely help bring back a lot of lapsed fans who used to watch WCW. But what kind of role should he have in AEW?

Sting as Darby Allin’s manager

Some people are saying that Sting should be Darby’s manager in AEW, because they both paint their face and have a dark theme. But I think this is absolutely BS. Sting was a huge name in WCW, he is a legend, the icon. He cannot be just a mid card wrestler’s manager. He is too big for that.

So what kind of role should Sting have in AEW?

Sting should be the general manager of AEW Dynamite. The man who should be known for making the matches. It is weird how the matches are being made on AEW, referring to Tony Khan repeatedly, who does not appear on live tv.

Last year Mox bullied Tony Khan around for putting him into a “Lights Out” match against Kenny Omega in Full Gear 2020. This year Young Bucks threw money at Tony Khan’s face for fining them.

AEW needs a strong authority figure, a man who can stand up against wrestlers like Mox, Bucks, Kenny, Lance Archer, etc. Sting should be that man, he can look straight into the eyes of a guy like Mox and make the decisions, things which need to be done. Occasionally getting his hands dirty, beat up guys like MJF, Kip Sabian, to make sure everyone fears, respects him, follows the rules.

Final Words

Hopefully by the time you are reading this blog, Sting should be in AEW and kicking ass.