Why AEW fans love Darby Allin so much

Why AEW fans love Darby Allin so much?

Darby Allin is one of the most popular AEW star at the moment. As of now in November 2020 he just beat Cody Rhoades to with the TNT championship. He is now the new face of TNT.

Beating Cody is anything but easy, there have been only three people in AEW who managed to beat him: Chris Jericho, MJF, and Brodie Lee. Cody had a draw with Darby Allin in the 2019 Fight For the Fallen PPV, but then Cody beat Darby two times.

Not many people expected Darby to beat Cody for the TNT title. It was a pleasant surprise for the AEW fans.

But have you ever wondered that why AEW fans love Darby Allin so much?

Why AEW fans love Darby Allin?

When Darby Allin first came to AEW I wasn’t at all impressed by him, he was too small, I assumed he was a garbage wrestler like Jimmy Havoc and Joey Jenella. But for some reason I really liked him. When he started to have regular matches with top guys like Jericho, MOX, Cody, PAC, only then his talent started to shine.

Here are some reason why I have become a fan of Darby Allin


Look at Darby’s eyes when he is in the ring, he looks super intense as if he can burn a hole into you just by looking at you. I find his level of intensity very similar to what Chris Beniot had.

Face and Body paint

Darby’s face and body paint look awesome, it symbolizes him. Many fans like to paint their face like Darby. When Dynamite used to have live fans in attendance, we could see many children painted their faces like Darby. Here is a video below in which he explains why he paints his face.


Darby is extremely tough, not only he can take a massive amount of punishment, he can also give his opponent a tremendous amount of beating.


Darby looks like a character right out of X-Men. He looks very mysterious. To me he kind of looks like the girl Salander from the movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”.

Final Words…

Hopefully Darby Allin keeps on the momentum and keeps the TNT title for a long time. Also hoping his fan base grow.