Why AEW Might Fail Within 3 Years

AEW gave all of us wrestling fans a new hope, a new reason to watch wrestling in 2019. I started to watch wrestling in 2003, but completely gave up on it in 2017 due to the poor product by WWE. I have never bought a WWE PPV but I have bought all the AEW PPVs till now, and I watch their weekly show “AEW Dynamite” regularly.

Even though wrestling fans like me and others are happy, still I think there is a very good chance that AEW might not last for 3 years, it might completely fail or go out of business within 3 years.

You might think that this is a very bold statement to make, but I have several reasons to back it up. So here are my reasons below.

Active Wrestlers are Bookers

When wrestlers are the active bookers of a wrestling promotion, then things doesn’t turn out well. For example, how Hogan and Nash completely ruined WCW by making themselves the top guys, always winning the championships and being on top. Not only that, another example is Triple H, how he kept on winning the gold as he is the son-in-law of Vince McMahon. The bottom line is this, whenever wrestlers have any sort of influence in the booking decisions of the matches, they try to put themselves on top.

In AEW or All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes, Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are the executive vice presidents of AEW. All of them are top active wrestlers. Most people, including me are expecting that they will book themselves to win all the championships. Even though Kenny Omega, Young Bucks lost matches, Cody is yet to lose. It doesn’t matter what they do, win or loss, the fingers will always be pointed towards them. It is a matter of time when they just start to keep on winning matches and burying the top talents.

Lack of Top or Recognizable Wrestlers

AEW hit the jackpot when they managed to hire Chris Jericho, most of them thought that he is too old. But he is the first AEW champion, and every promo he delivers is gold. 

Another top talent AEW managed to get is Jon Moxley or formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE. AEW was so lucky! Mox’s contract expired just before their first show “Double or Nothing”. Because of him wrestling fans got to witness a huge moment when Ambrose jumped ship to AEW.

AEW also managed to get Jake Hager, or formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE. Even though Hager is former World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, he isn’t as much a big name as Jericho or Mox. 

Apart from these three AEW doesn’t have anymore recognizable talents which are going to appeal to the casual fans. Bucks are great, but they never wrestled in WWE. Cody is great, but in WWE he was covered with  gold, just a ridiculous Stardust character. And most of the other talents are just a bunch of indy wrestlers. Yes, they are great, but they are not going to appeal to the casual fans. 

The main point is, they need more top guys from WWE. Even though most people might not like it, WWE is the biggest and most globally recognized wrestling organization in this planet. So getting a top guy from there such as Randy Orton, will tremendously help AEW.

Why AEW will fail? Because they are heavily relying on these few top recognizable wrestlers, if one of them, such as Jericho or Mox is injured, then you can expect a lot of empty seats in the arenas.

Lack of Incentive for Heavy Investments

AEW and WWE are now at a bidding war, wrestlers are going to the promotion who are willing to pay them more money.  Yes, I know most people will say that the Khans are wealthier than McMahons, but the question is, how much are they willing to invest? It is Shahid Khan, who is worth about 6 billion dollars, not his son Tony . Tony Khan is the real owner of AEW and invested about 100 million dollars in AEW, but this is nothing compared to the billions WWE is investing. So it might be just a matter of time when Khans lose interest in AEW, stop investing it and finally end up selling it to WWE.


So these are my three reasons why AEW or All Elite Wrestling might go out of business within 3 years and WWE might end up winning the war. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments!