Why CM Punk Doesn’t want to Join AEW

CM Punk is one of the most discussed wrestler in social media. It is absolutely clear why doesn’t want to return to WWE, he had a very bad relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H. Also on his way out, he had to fight against a very bad lawsuit against WWE which almost turned him broke. So it is safe to say that CM Punk will never ever return to the WWE ring, regardless of the amount of money they offer him.

But AEW is a different story. It is a new wrestling promotion, completely separate from the dirty games of WWE. So it was obvious to think that CM Punk will definitely join AEW, the Khan family have more than enough money to pay him.

But the question is, why he doesn’t want to join AEW? After his UFC embarrassment he doesn’t have anything significant to do. Still people want him to come back to wrestling. It is clear that wrestling is the right profession for him. I have few good reasons why he doesn’t want to join AEW.


It has been over 5 years that CM Punk has been in a wrestling ring. He wasn’t involved with any sort of wrestling within this time. So it is obvious that he is quite rusty in the ring. All the moves that he used to do will be sloppy and may injure other wrestlers. Which will be very bad impression for him. 


AEW roaster is absolutely packed with talents, who can carry out a solid 20-30 minutes match. Do high flying moves. In fact they might be much more skilled and athletic than CM Punk at the moment. So probably CM Punk is nervous whether he will be able to hang with the lights of Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, PAC or even Hangman Adam Page.


Recently CM Punk took part in a movie called “Girl on the third floor”. It is a horror movie and CM Punk is the lead actor. Obviously movies pay much more than wrestling, most wrestlers such as The Rock, Batista, John Cena already transitioned as top actors. So if CM Punk is on his way to becoming an established actor, then there is no point for him coming back to wrestling.


As a CM Punk fan I definitely want him to return to wrestling. I badly wanted Goldberg to return between 2005-2010 when he was in his prime. But sadly Goldberg returned in 2017, when he is about 50 years old, now definitely not excited for him. I hope that the same thing doesn’t happen to CM Punk, that he is not too old when he returns. If he joins AEW, we can have Kenny Omega vs CM Punk to decide who is the best in the world!