Why do UFC or MMA fighters hate pro wrestling

Why do UFC or MMA fighters hate pro wrestling

Pro wrestling is not a real sports. It is a performance, violent performance, but still a performance. Some people have no issues with pro wrestling. They watch it every week with their kids. But some people absolutely hate pro wrestling, calling it fake.

MMA or UFC fighters hate pro wrestling in general. You might say that if they hate it so much then why go to WWE? Its obvious, its for the money. Why do they hate pro wrestling? Because while pro wrestling is not a real sports but fighting within the octagon is real.

Whenever a UFC or MMA fighter is going for a fight, its competitive. Whoever wins depends on who is better, whether you like him/her or not. Its risky, they bleed and get their face smashed in.

On the other hand pro wrestling is completely scripted. The guy who is more popular wins instead of the guy who is more technically sound. That is why guys like John Cena was champion so many times. Guys like the Rock comes back after a decade and beat their active champion. CM Punk returned to AEW after seven years and beating active wrestlers. Nonsense like these would never happen in a real fight.

A UFC or MMA fighter no matter how small could kick any one of WWE or AEW top guy’s ass on any given day. Even women fighters can beat up a male pro wrestler. When pro wrestlers pretend to be tough with fighters on the social media or on the microphone it pisses them off.

Rhonda Rousey was extremely annoyed with Becky Lynch. Becky was being tough on social media and making fun of Rhonda’s husband. If Rhonda wanted she could rip Becky’s arm off on any day, send her to hospital. Rhonda even said WWE is fake and scripted. Please watch the video below to hear what Rhonda said.

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