Why Vince McMahon Calls WWE Superstars instead of Wrestlers


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Vince McMahon owns the biggest wrestling organization in the world, World Wrestling Entertainment WWE. But strangely the WWE does not call their wrestlers as “wrestlers”, but instead WWE Superstars or sometimes performers. But if you are a loyal WWE fan, ever wondered why is that the case? I am going to try to explain why is that the case.

Wrestling in WWE is 100% scripted

If you are not aware by now, almost all the wrestling in WWE is fake. Because it is all predetermined from the beginning who will win or who will lose. So WWE is definitely doesn’t fall in the sports category. Because in sports everything is real, there is true competition and one of the players or team wins through their hard work. Wrestling is not fake! WWE is fake, it is scripted. The true form form of wrestling is a genuine sports in the Olympics. The wrestlers grapple each other, wrestle each other for real until there is a winner.

In WWE the so called wrestlers creates an illusion of Wrestling, they are not wrestling for real. They talk to each other and decide which move they are going to do next and decide the finishing of the match. Simply to say, they are performing simply for the entertainment of the viewers. It is simply just an act or performance, but definitely not a sports! That is why WWE has the word “entertainment” in it.

So if a so called WWE performer, or superstar calls himself or herself a “Pro Wrestler”, that is dead wrong. But calling them performers/ superstars is more accurate of what they do.

Why Vince McMahon doesn’t use the word “Wrestler”?

Vince McMahon is a genius. He clearly knew kind of genre does WWE fall into, it is simply a show for the entertainment of the viewers, done through the acting of wrestling. Hence he changed the name to World Wrestling Entertainment. Because this name clearly describes their business, of what actually they do.

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