Why is WWE releasing so many wrestlers even after making record profit

Why is WWE releasing so many wrestlers even after making record profit

Even after making more than quarter of a billion dollar profit quarterly. WWE released a lot of wrestlers, giving them the reason “Budget Cuts”. But how believable is that excuse? What is the reason behind releasing potentially huge future stars such as Andrade, Bray Wyatt, Aleister Black, Keith Lee, Karrion Kross. Or even the untouchable Rock’s cousin Nia Jax? It seems like nobody’s job is safe apart from Triple H’s. Also what’s the big reason behind established wrestlers and long time legend like Big Show, Mark Henry and Bryan Danielson leaving WWE for AEW? Do they know something that we don’t?

The reason behind releasing so many wrestlers even after record profit seems obvious. WWE is preparing to sell. The more wrestlers they release, the less the expense, means more profit. When they will be able to show the huge profit margin, they will get a huge price tag when selling. Potential buyer is rumored to be NBC. Moving WWE network to Peacock was the first them.

As much as WWE fanboys or marks want to deny this, it is becoming clearer with each batch of releases. It might be a good think, once McMahon is removed from power, the product might improve.

Another silly reason might be, they want to flood AEW with released wrestlers. AEW trying to hire all the main event wrestlers will cost them a lot. Same mistake WCW did in their later days. Hope AEW is smart and doesn’t go after all the released wrestlers.

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