Why so many WWE wrestlers are going to AEW

Why so many WWE wrestlers are going to AEW

Recently many released WWE wrestlers are going to AEW. Wrestlers in WWE are not even wanting to renew their WWE contracts deliberately, choosing to go to AEW. Nowadays AEW seems like the top destination for pro wrestlers, why is that? There are many issues and absurd rules in WWE which are forcing their top talents to go to AEW.

Scripted promos for wrestlers written by writers

With each passing day WWE is showing that their main focus is on entertainment not wrestling. Hence they hired a bunch writers mainly meant for Hollywood to write storylines and promos for the wrestlers. So far we have seen many bad storylines such as the Rusev, Lana, Lashley love triangle. Roman Reigns saying “suffering succotash” on live tv. Wrestlers have to memorize their promos word by word, Braun Strowman, Randy Orton even forgot their lines on live tv. In conclusion wrestlers do not want this. They want to be able to do unscripted promos, creative inputs, making it special. This is exactly what AEW is giving to the wrestlers.

Bad backstage environment in WWE

WWE is anonymous for having a bad backstage environment. Guys like Hardcore Holly and JBL bullied young upcoming wrestlers throughout their WWE career. There was a so called wrestlers court (Undertaker as judge) which used to come up with ridiculous verdicts. Wrestlers used to punished for small things like not showing enough respect to the veterans. Even undertaker said during a podcast that things used to be tough back in the days, which he said meant to toughen wrestlers up. Wrestlers even get shouted at by management. In the case of AEW there is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying or harassment. Wrestlers like Evalesse and Shana were released for having bad attitudes backstage. One of their spanish commentator who made fun of Shida’s accent was fired immediately. AEW got a much better work environment than WWE, which is another reason for them to go there.

Not being able to use Twitch

Nowadays Twitch is becoming popular among wrestlers as an alternative source of income. If for a main roaster wrestler in WWE to use Twitch they must give WWE a cut. This means if a wrestlers want to continue using Twitch they will need to give a percentage of their income to WWE, otherwise they cannot use Twitch. This rule is absolutely outrageous. Even after living of the blood sweat and hard work of the wrestlers, they now also want a cut of their part time work. There is no such issues like this in AEW, wrestlers can use Twitch freely. This is one of the main reasons why Adam Cole chose AEW over WWE.

More freedom with PG-14 ratings in AEW

Unlike WWE, AEW us PG-14. Wrestlers have the freedom to bleed during their matches, have hardcore matches. Some wrestlers really want this to make their matches memorable. Wrestlers such as Jon Moxley became way more popular in AEW than in WWE due to this. Promos can have more spice in them with more slangs in them. WWE have been PG since 2008 and it is awful. In WWE all of the matches are same, none of them stands out. Even their Extreme Rules PPV does not have extreme matches anymore. This is also a very big deciding factor for wrestlers to go to AEW.

More young wrestlers to work with in AEW

WWE successfully killed NXT with the so called NXT 2.0 revamp. They bury the NXT call ups in the main roaster. On the other hand AEW is working extremely hard to create young homegrown AEW stars. So far they succeeded with Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Acclaimedm, Sammy Guevarra, MJF. Guys like Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Brian Pillman Jr are also on the rise, just waiting for the opportunity to break free. Not only that, they are pumping in new fresh talents from AEW Dark and Elevation YouTube shows. This convinced top WWE wrestlers like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson to jump ships to AEW.

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